Four headshots, two moods

I do a lot of headshots. On the surface, it's a pretty simple thing: frontal view, flattering lighting, simple background. But like haiku, there's still a lot of variation possible within its restricted form. Should the lighting emphasize facial features or hide age lines? Is the person's left or right eye dominant? What color shall the background be? Open or closed smile?

Matching a style

For these headshots of executives from Monday Properties, I was asked to match images that had been taken by another photographer. This is trickier than it sounds. Without the ability to actually talk to that photographer and discuss lighting and background, I had to guess at his or her setup. Surprisingly, it was the color of background that gave me the most trouble, as I couldn't quite get the new photos to match the older ones. In the end, I simply cut out my background in Photoshop and replaced it with the correct color.

Try this game: go to the team page on Monday Properties website. There are 16 executive photos, of which 9 are mine. Correctly identify the 9 and I will send you a gift!