Now THAT's an annual report!

Pernod Ricard, the French wine and liquor company (they own Absolut, Glenlivet, Chivas, Kahlua, and Perrier , among other brands), have elevated the annual report to an art form.

Starting the 1970s, the company asked contemporary artists to liven their reports with a single painting of a brand bottle on the cover. When Olivier Cavil took over as vice president of communications in 2009 he wanted to create a new look that matched the ideals of the brand.  “We are creators of conviviality. We have great people,” Cavil said to his team. “Why not put our employees at the heart of these art works?” 

During the last 3 years they have featured fine-art photography, often using their own employees as models. Read the back story here: 

And do check out their annual reports. The 2011-2012 edition is at this link, and it's gorgeous.