Lawrence Cheng

What kind of photography do you do?

I specialize in portraits and corporate photography.


I understand portraiture, but what is corporate photography?

It's anything that a business does in order to market its products or services. It can be images in an annual report, head shots of staff and executives, studio photos of physical products, "lifestyle" images of employees working on a project, or social media coverage of a conference.


Do you have a particular style?

I love photos that, in addition to being informative, also convey emotion. A lot of my work is documentary, but I always strive to create an artful combination of subject, background, colors, and lighting. I'm doing more projects that involve visual storytelling, i.e. uniting a series of photographs under a common theme. I love what the New York Times "Lens" and Washington Post "In Sight" sections are doing in this regard.


What are your thoughts on social media?

It's powerful, but also cluttered. The challenge is to break through the noise and serve up something that grabs the viewer's attention. Photos and videos can do that; good photos and videos do it even better.


Where do you operate?

I'm based in Arlington, Virginia, and photograph all over the Washington DC metro area. I have access to several studio spaces in the region. I can also travel.


Your tools of the trade?

Mostly Nikon and Fujifilm. I grew up shooting real film and still use it regularly. Everyone loves to geek out about equipment, but in reality, the two most important things are your eye and your ability to tell the story.